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2D/3D Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer, Artist, Tuna

NCH PRODUCTIONS: Flowey's Transformation (2015)

Another parody/fanwork of Undertale I did with NCH a couple years back. NCH loves transformation scenes and has always animated them. In this one, we went one step ahead adding a bunch more after effects elements to just give the Flash-era visuals a significant boost. Flowey's Transformation doesn't have a story honestly. Just that he wanted something cool to show off about to the Undertale community.

I was mainly responsible for the visual effects, the motion graphics, and also did the sound design.

This was one of the first times I've done anything massive with NCH. We usually keep it simple, but for Flowey we went all in resulting in some visually neat things that made foundation for the coming shorts we did.

Director: NCH Productions
Post Production : Yuya Takeda

Post Production Breakdown