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2D/3D Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer, Artist, Tuna

[Story] Coldley - A short story mostly written on a phone.

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

On a Sunday morning of October 23rd, 1988, 3 boys from a small town of Coldley ventured into the woods and discovered a large, man-made structure. The boys described it as a window-less, tightly sealed, cold, concrete, structure standing probably 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide in the middle of the woods, with no indication of what it was. The boys began meeting there everyday to play hide and seek and other childhood games and occasionally invited their friends.

A month later, on Wednesday, 23rd November 1988, the boys ventured as usual to the concrete structure. At this point they had made makeshift fort out of sticks and cloth aside it, the local adults knew where they were playing, and nobody was concerned given Coldley was known for its peace. However, that day, the boys never returned.

Concerned adults began searching for the boys in the woods that evening. They searched the premises and called out names that echoed deep into the forest, but all efforts were futile. That same day, people began hearing a low thumping sound from the forest. Something akin to a machine striking the ground every 23 minutes or so. At 10 pm, one of the adults looking around the concrete structure discovered white hand prints on the concrete block. The man reported that it appeared scratched in by somebody and also noted that he felt thumping sounds from within.

By the next morning Coldley and its neighboring towns were on the search of the boys. The thumping sounds continued throughout the night and by that point many were extremely suspicious of the concrete block. The residents of Coldley quickly came to the conclusion that the boys were perhaps in the block, if not at least around it. Their curiosity, fear, and frustration lead several men to begin drilling the concrete block with whatever tools they had available. Several hours later, the men successfully destroyed a portion of the reinforcements revealing a hallow space within.

The thumps were coming from within. After pointing flashlights into the block, the men discovered what appeared to be 3 bodies and a large rusty machine that struck the ground. There were gears humming, producing an echoing growl that resonated within the chamber. Climbing in, men reported they felt as if they were being watched from the corners. They later recounted that they’ve seen an impossibly thin, bipedal, skin colored creature rush out of the light. The men quickly recovered the bodies and left.

The following day the thumping sounds stopped. The adults returned to the concrete structure to reexamine for clues only to discover the concrete shell was empty. The insides were cleared and the machine was gone. And while the boys were finally discovered, Coldley residents began reporting sightings of a bipedal creature in the woods. As the story goes, something must have escaped the concrete fortress into the surrounding forest. People often times reported being chased by something invisible. Photos began to emerge of what appeared to be a blurry shadow, often shying away from people.

Coldley (1989) photographer unknown

The mystery remains what exactly the machine was doing and where it even came from. The old folk of the town kept a lot of the secrets to the grave and with a small town population, nobody really knew what it was. The once friendly, peaceful town of Coldley is now silent and ghostly. One might even miss it if they were driving through it. There are people still living there. They rarely talk to each other. They rarely go outside. They don’t trust visitors. And they never talk about the incident.