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2D/3D Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer, Artist, Tuna

[Story] The Glass that Separates You

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

I lived happily in a shabby apartment in Tokyo. It was a two-room, kitchen and bedroom, setup separated by a sliding glass door with a key. It’s an odd setup for a room but I got used to it.

One evening, my neighbor told me in a tired voice “Mr. Nomura, can you please lock the glass door at night? They keep coming into my room.”

“The glass door? Why does that need a lock?” I asked.I typically just lock the front door at night.

“You need to lock it at night, please.” she returned to her room.

I followed her instructions that night and went to bed. I usually sleep well, but I woke up after hearing footsteps. Turning around, I saw several extremely tall people in the kitchen looking into my room.

They couldn’t get in.

And they were angry.