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2D/3D Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer, Artist, Tuna


SideTrip is a series of paintings focused on two characters: Azure, a boy and Alex, the God of Hiding who travel in a lonely universe of everything and nothing. The two characters explore various worlds shaped by emotion, idea, and philosophy.

SideTrip is also an exploration into how we humans communicate with machine through art. Painting programs involved do utilize partially algorithmic "auto" painting which can be manipulated to perform unusual, impossible tasks perhaps humans can't entirely replicate. The end result is a mixture of manual work as well as computerized work. This mixture is the essence, and perhaps the future of how humans should face technology.

These are presented in no particular order. SideTrip does not necessarily have a continuous narrative instead has a discontinuous, time-skipping story which goes from the far ends of time to the beginning of life. Hence this gallery also is in no particular order.

While being a personal project, SideTrip has also had help from many others over the years.


Kevin Weber - bluevisual.tv
Ignaico Sartor - Gamerado
Hylke Sebus - HYLK
Calina Sparhawk - Calina
Jasper Goodrich - Artstation
Andrej Dzajkovski - Artstation

SideTrip is also available on various websites: